Sunday, January 29, 2012

Unleash your Athlete

Feb. 1 is National Girls and Women in Sports Day. Win for KC, an organization connected with the Kansas City Sports Commission and Foundation, is a national leader in empowering girls and women through sports and fitness. Last year, I had the pleasure of writing a poem for WIN regarding this mission. It was published in the organization's "Live Active" curriculum booklet.

Unleash your Athlete
Girls and women, heed the call.
You are athletes, one and all.
Some may play and some may win,
But all have strength that lies within.
Determination and confidence are a must
And so is the ability to adjust.
Unleash your athlete and when you do,
You’ll find that empowerment comes from you. 

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Grieving 101

We learn how to grieve and learn from our grief.

Grieving 101

Grieving 101 is the class
no one wants to take.
Unfortunately for all of us,
this class is a requirement,
not an elective.
The homework is hard.
It has to be to help you
learn to live without
someone who has been
an essential part of your life.
The instructor is difficult,
presenting new challenges daily
while dredging up memories and emotions.
The workload is time-consuming
and, early on, it may be
totally engrossing.
Despite the difficulty,
the class teaches
more than you expect and
makes you grow in ways
you never imagined.
You also come to understand
that this class is the prerequisite
to Grieving 102.

Sunday, January 15, 2012


Inspired by a morning walk.


I walk toward the sunrise.
The sky is clear and blue.
Slowly, light begins to show.
A golden glow
that promises to grow
in brightness and in warmth.
I turn and see
the clouds behind me.
No longer dark and threatening.
Instead, they are reflecting
the hint of a new day.