Sunday, April 17, 2011


I wrote this poem for a friend who was moving out of town, but I also shared it with the grief support group with which I volunteer. I think we always have to "start anew" after a loss and look to our memories to support us.

Sadly, I will miss a comment on this poem and all those going forward. My sister died suddenly at the end of March. She was a special part of my journey into writing poetry and I will carry her with me as I continue on.


Carry us with you

as you start anew

and we will always

be part of you.

When you need to laugh

or can't help but cry.

When the joy overwhelms

or the hurt undermines.

When you need support

or support others needs.

When the challenges grow

or the triumphs exceed.

Call on us often

no matter the mood

and we will always

be there for you.