Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My Uncle John had a great sense of humor. He was kind and generous, one of the first to offer help when it was needed. He had a real soft spot for children and they for him. As a young adult, I met a friend's Uncle John. He seemed to have the same characteristics as mine. I wrote this poem for our Uncle Johns and for all the Uncle Johns in the world, even if they go by a different name.

The Best Uncles

The best uncles are Uncle Johns.
I don't know if it is in their genes
or in their name or just coincidence.
Uncle Johns are funny.
They make you laugh.
They take you special places,
like to the golf course
or out for frozen custard.
They forgive you
when you spoil your aunt's birthday surprise
even if the rest of the family
reminds you about it annually.
They ask you to ride along to the store
just to spend time with you.
When you get hurt during summer vacation,
they make up a special golf tournament
to help you forget you can't go swimming at the beach.
If you ever get the chance to have an Uncle John-take it.

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