Sunday, October 24, 2010

I wrote this after attending an event at which a number of people were recognized for the good works they do. One of the honorees is a friend. The poem came from some of the words I heard that evening and from what I knew or learned about the honorees.


Some have the resources
to change the physical
landscape of a community,
but more often, they alter
the social and cultural terrain.
They advocate, exhort and support
and likely are the first to do so.
They will influence some that they target
and some they don't even know exist.
They may be so far ahead of the crowd
that it seems they are talking to themselves.
Yet, the words carry and the crowd catches up.
They know that having rights requires
doing right, of your own accord.
They make us better because
they are the best of us.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Every so often, I come up with something that is a little lighter. This was triggered by a true incident, but the details are fiction. It lends credence to the idea that having the winning ticket doesn't always make life easier.

Can't Get the TV to Oklahoma

Won a drawing in Kansas City,
but I live far away
Thought my daughter
would help me get my prize,
but that'll be the day
Bought the ticket for a raffle
so my grandson could play ball
Now if I want my TV,
I'll have to rent a U-Haul.
The family thinks
it won by default,
but I'll have the final say.
I'll just move in with them
and never go away.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

When I started working on this poem, I intended to write about several elements of autumn. As often happens, the piece took its own direction.

Autumn Revelation

Reds and golds and oranges
hang against a blue background,
are caught up in a chill wind
and eventually cover the ground.
Their absence reveals the framework
that is the constant in this cycle
and opens up views
that their fullness obscures.
The way we see our world each day
is altered by the loss.