Sunday, February 27, 2011

Snow in Spring

Last year, we had snow on the first day of spring. Today, we are having a thunderstorm in February. Today's post is about last year's snow. The thunderstorm will probably pop-up later.

Snow in Spring

Like snow on the first day of spring,
the unexpected falls in our path.
It may be serendipity or tragedy.
The former reflects the light
and covers us like a warm blanket.
The latter clouds our vision
and sends us sliding
down the street.
It is easy to snuggle up
to the pleasant,
but the painful tests our skills.
These are the times we must
remember to steer into
the skid and hang on.


  1. Love it Michelle. Just last night we were looking at the news and the bad weather to be expected today in some areas. My son said he wished we would get some snow like that. I said no you don't, its dangerous. He wanted to know how snow could be dangerous. I told him sometimes in comes in quick like a thunderstorm and people are out on the road and get stuck. He said, "Oh yeah, I take that back." We are having a heavy rain today. As it is raining there are large crows in the yard, I guess they are having a feast. Poor worms.

    1. We are certainly used to downpours of rain during thunderstorms, but not the snow bursts some are experiencing with these winter storms. It definitely sounds like the crows have unfair advantage. TALU

  2. Life can be a wild ride, but you're right ... steer into the skid and hang on. :)

    1. The benefit of growing up in a winter climate. Thanks for stopping by, Chris. TALU