Thursday, September 27, 2012

Poetry and Brass

When I was in 4th Grade, I took a test at my elementary school to see if I qualified to take music lessons. The instrument I said I wanted to play was the trumpet.

I didn't qualify to be given a trumpet by the school; but was told that if I owned an instrument, I could still take lessons. My sister had taken violin lessons so....

My career as a violinist ended after three years, but my love of brass
instruments continues today. Last Friday night, I had the opportunity to go to the Blue Room and hear Delfeayo Marsalis on trombone, Sean Jones on trumpet and Bobby Watson on saxophone. Engulfed in some of the most beautiful sounds I'll ever hear come out of those instruments, I had to write something.

Love Notes

Take to the air
propelled by breath
blowing horns
released by fingers
plucking strings
created by sticks
hitting drums.
Circle the globe
spreading the message:
Jazz is a love note
to the soul.
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  1. I took piano lessons and loved it, I was never in band though, it is so important I think though for kids to appreciate music. #TALU

    1. I agree, Rachel. I have always loved music, but my time as a violinist was short and scratchy. Thanks for stopping by from TALU.

  2. Aah. Love it. When you are in the moment does this come to you or not until your are reflecting? TALU

    1. I'd say most times, I get at least a start or a draft in the moment. Have to keep that little notebook handy! TALU

    2. Yeah I kept a notebook handy for "Christopherisms".

  3. As a violinist myself, I don't think your years on violin were wasted. But it's really too bad you couldn't get a trumpet when you so badly wanted one. Did you ever get to play a brass instrument?

    1. I never did, Jill, but I agree with you about my time playing the violin. I learned to read music and gained a great appreciation for those you play the violin and other instruments well.

  4. First, I love that last line - Jazz is a love note to the soul.

    Second, I confess to attempting both guitar and piano as a kid, but what I reaaaaaaaaalllly wanted to play for some reason was the slide trombone! I still can't read music for the life of me, and that's after years of chorus, singing in musicals, etc. Didn't matter whether it was playing the piano or singing, I could only do it by ear. (I still wish I could play the piano well!!)

    1. Thanks, Chris. I think playing by ear is amazing. What is it about those brass instruments that draws us to them? TALU