Thursday, October 11, 2012

Conventional Wisdom about Social Media

I guess for me seeing is believing. Like many people, especially of my generation, I have entered the world of social media begrudgingly, participating some but never truly embracing it. That changed earlier this week when I attended the 2012 NACWAA Convention in Kansas City.

At this multiple-day event attended by hundreds of people, I could observe how the organization promoted the use of social media, primarily Twitter, and the response it got. I could also read the individual tweets and see what elements other people chose to highlight about an experience I was sharing.

Based on both observation and presentations I heard, here are a few thoughts I came away with:
  • There will be some trial and error in building a platform.
  • Platform building also will take time, and therefore, patience.
  • You can tell a story even if you only use 144 characters.
  • An important part of a platform is helping others.
So, I think I'm finally ready to embrace the use of social media. How about you?

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  1. Great, concise advice, Michelle. I'm enjoying the community, whether I'm building much of a following or not.

    1. Thanks, Gerry. What I find interesting about my own reaction to seeing the interaction on a larger scale is that it inspired me rather than discouraged me. I saw some things I feel I can apply to my own use of social media that will make it more fun for me no matter the size of the community.