Tuesday, December 17, 2013

If Santa were a Writer

If Santa was a Writer

If Santa were a writer,
what stories would he tell?
We know he’s good at keeping lists.
Can he write fiction just as well?

Maybe he’s a poet.
Perhaps, even a Beat.
That’s true when he writes 
on Christmas day, before
he’s gotten any sleep.

Would his setting be the North Pole
or towns all covered in snow?
Only if he believes in the axiom
“Write about what you know.”

If ever he had writer’s block,
he could hop into his sleigh.
Go soaring high above the earth.
Get a new perspective on the day.

No matter Santa’s style,
some things he’s sure to say.
Merry Christmas to all!
Get those potted plants
out of my way.

Thanks to Rebecca Barray for this week's Wordsmith Studio Prompt-Holiday. What do you think about at the holidays? Share your thoughts in the comments at the link above.

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