Tuesday, March 11, 2014


I think most of us experience anticipation related to certain foods or meals. Certainly children look forward to Halloween candy or birthday cake, especially their own. In Kansas City, I look forward to going out for barbecue. When I visit my hometown of Buffalo, N.Y., I can't wait to have chicken wings or beef on 'weck.

During my childhood, especially, I looked forward to the time when my Mother would start baking Christmas cookies. When I was very young, I helped by taste-testing the fruits and nuts that would be used in the various recipes. I also tested the dough because we didn't know then that you shouldn't eat it before it is baked. Of course, the best part was just spending time with my Mom or my Mom and my sister.

I still make two of the cookies at Christmas. I don't feel the same anticipation now that I bake them myself. However, I know that the people I share them with look forward to getting them each year. For that, I am very grateful.

Are there any foods that you always look forward to having?

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  1. (Not sure if my last comment went through!) I look forward to the holidays as well because my mom and I also get together every year and bake all kinds of goodies! My boys are beginning to anticipate this tradition. They love to help cook and eat the goodies! haha Thanks!

    1. I think its great that your boys like to cook. It will serve them well in the future and they are making memories with their Mom and Grandmother that they will cherish later on.