Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Celebrating Wordsmith Studio

Virtual Support

Social media was perplexing.
I had barely started texting.
Then, I came across a challenge
to increase my social media knowledge.
Others wanted to do the same.
All of a sudden, it was like a game.
We shared our successes and concerns.
We supported each other as we learned.
When it was time to say goodbye,
the call came out “Why don’t we try
to keep up this online community?”
Many took advantage of the opportunity.
Now, Wordsmith Studio is two years old.
The potential of this group is still untold.

Wordsmith Studio is a web community for writers that grew out of a challenge, "Build your Writer Platform in 30 Days". Take a look  at the website to learn more about the community and its members. We hold weekly chats on Twitter each Tuesday at 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. Central time. Use the hashtag, #wschat, to get into the discussion.


  1. Thanks, Linda. It kind of just happened.

  2. Cheers! Glad to have you in the Studio!

    1. Cheers to you, Kasie. Glad to have you on the WAG. Thanks for your good work.