Thursday, November 20, 2014

Grocery Shopping

Grocery Shopping

Mom and I walked to the A&P.
I had to work to keep up,
even though she held my hand.
She had the list and easily
found the items she needed.
The only thing that slowed us down
was a chat with someone Mom knew.
"This is my baby," she would say
each time she introduced me.
On the walk home,
I would switch sides when
she shifted the bag to give
her arm a rest.

Now when I buy groceries,
I pull my car into the parking lot,
get in and out of the store
as quickly as possible and
load my purchases into the trunk.

Once in a while, I see someone
walking home with a bag
of groceries in hand and
remember the time when
I was someone's baby.

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  1. What a sweet memory and especially thoughtful this time of year.

    1. Thanks, Letty. My writers group went to an antique mail and I saw an ad for A&P.