Thursday, May 10, 2012

Poetry Prompts and Social Media Nudges

I've mentioned Robert Lee Brewer's April Platform Challenge and the online community that has grown out of it in my last two posts. Well, last week I had a great lesson in social media from my fellow MNINBer, Lynn Daue. Lynn is a novelist and blogger at Rhymes with Tao. One morning, she tweeted that she had gotten off to a great start writing so I tweeted back a "way to go." She replied with what I thought was her goal for doing some additional writing later in the day and I sent back a "go for it." Then she replied "Not just me. You, too." Hmmm. Obviously, I like a good challenge or I wouldn't have been in this situation in the first place so I replied "I'm in."

So, I go to the list of ideas I mentioned in my post "Poetry by Prompt-That's the Challenge",  look at the first one and begin working. I did indeed complete a first draft that evening. After a few more rewrites, I wound up with the following:


Pieces of art
that came in the mail.
Photos and drawings
from friends and relatives
showing vacation spots
and wondrous sites.
I still have one
that was sent from Ireland.
But that happened
more than 20 years ago.
Now, postcards carry
messages from marketers
and reminders from doctors.
They are no longer collectibles.
Just another recyclable.

I'd like to thank Lynn for giving me a taste of the best thing about social media, which is making a connection and having a conversation. By the way, that's the best thing about poetry, too.
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  1. Hey, good for you! And thanks for the mention - I'm glad that our mini-challenge helped you create this.

  2. You Are Versatile! I have nominated you to receive the Versatile Blogger Award.Please visit my blog to pick up your badge. J.lynn Sheridan (Not Bobber Challenger)