Friday, May 25, 2012

Elementary, My Dear Poet

I am a lifelong Sherlock Holmes fan, but I don't consider myself a purist. I love to re-read Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's works, but I am not opposed to newer Holmes stories. I like to look through the shelves in libraries and bookstores and see the predicaments in which other authors have placed Sherlock and Watson. I have even enjoyed Holmes on Broadway, the big screen and the little screen.

So, it was no wonder when Robert Lee Brewer posted a prompt to write about something that happened "before your time" during the April Poem-a-Day Challenge, my thoughts immediately turned to 221B Baker Street...


Hansom cabs
clatter through
the foggy street.
The plaintive notes
of a violin fill

an apartment above.
The player wishes
he were making
different notes.
Ones that would
help recreate
the actions of others
as only he can.
For now,
he does not turn
to the needle
instead of the bow.
While the detective
battles boredom,
the good doctor
puts past glories
down on paper. 


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