Thursday, January 31, 2013

Everyday Inspiration

Where do you look for inspiration? The moon and the stars? Mountains and oceans? Major events like births, deaths, weddings or graduations?
Writers are encouraged to write everyday, but are we willing to write about the everyday? The commonplace. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. A cup of coffee. The drive to the grocery store.
I couldn't write poetry regularly until I began writing about the everyday. Then a funny thing happened. The everyday became special. I could write about routine things because I took note of them and saw detail I hadn't paid attention to before.
How many of you have had the experience described in the following poem? 
I scrutinize
the rectangle
in my hands.
It doesn’t
look worn.
I grip each end
and give a little tug.
Make sure all
the corners lie flat.
Face the top of
George’s head
to the left,
just like in
the picture
near the slot.
The machine
starts to take
the dollar in
but spits it
back out.
I have
no other
to use
in its place.
What everyday experiences have you written about?
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