Thursday, February 7, 2013

National Girls and Women in Sports Day

Yesterday was National Girls and Women in Sports Day. This day is celebrated throughout the country with various events held on numerous days to recognize the achievements of female athletes and encourage continued participation by girls and women.  Click the link for more information about the history of this day.
Here in Kansas City, we are fortunate to have a very special event-The WIN for KC Women's Sports Awards Celebration. This luncheon, which has an attendance of about 1,500, recognizes the achievements of local women and girls in sports and the contributions they make to others through their involvement with sports. Like the organization itself, the luncheon reinforces the benefits of participation in athletics that extend well beyond the competition.
They Fought to Play

They fought to play.
They had the skill
and competitive fire.
But, even more
was at stake.
Lessons that would
never be lost.
Giving your best effort.
Working with others to
achieve a common goal.
Making a comeback.
Growing in confidence, and
oh yes, self-esteem.
They fought because
they knew the opportunity
to play sports wasn’t
just a game-changer.
It was a life-changer.
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