Thursday, April 11, 2013


Bebop is considered the first foray into modern jazz. It was developed in the 1940's and two of its pioneers were Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie.
Bebop was made for listening rather than dancing. It is known for the speed at which the notes are played and harmony and improvisation.
Parker's 1945 recording, "Ko Ko" is on National Public Radio's list of the 100 most important American musical recordings of the 20th century.  Gillespie was going to be at the session as a spectator, but ended up playing both trumpet and piano on the recording.

Bop Bop Bebop
Bird and Dizzy played
a sound that caused a tizzy.
Bop Bop Bebop Bop
The name came from scat.
Diddily Diddily Dat
Bop Bop Bebop Bop
Harmony was key.
Started with the melody.
Bop Bop Bebop Bop
The lines became long
at the doors and in the songs.
Bop Bop Bebop Bop
When swing had swung, it
was the new sound that had won.
Bop Bebop Oh, Yeah

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