Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tuesday Photo-Pet Peeves

Let me tell you about sweet gum tree seed pods. They are very difficult to rake because they are covered in spikes, like the head of a mace from medieval times. Consequently, they do not move  through the grass easily.
You may think you got them all, but the first time you mow the lawn you find out differently. You either catch one with a mower blade or step on one and twist your ankle.
Lastly, you can't compost them because they decompose so slowly.
Obviously, this one has been around awhile. That's the point. It's still around!
What's your pet peeve? Take a picture of it then post a link in the comments on the Wordsmith Studio Photo Prompt blog post.
Thanks to Rebecca Barray for this prompt.
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  1. Good one, Michelle! Those pods do seem like a pain! I've never seen or heard of them before. Thankfully!!

    1. Do they have to be so indestructible? I mean dandelion seeds are pretty fluffy and there certainly isn't any shortage of them!