Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Course Divas

We're almost halfway through the Our Lost Jungle 30 by 30 Challenge. If we were talking golf, we would say we are making the turn.
Well, we are talking golf! One of this week's prompts was green. Especially in the summer, green says golf course to me. For this prompt, I focused on putting greens.
The Course Divas

Putting greens are the
divas of the golf course.
Pampered and protected.
Mowed and manicured.
They receive extra water
during the summer heat.
There are rules about touching
and repairing greens, and
each hole is marked so players
don’t drive carts too close.
They look beautiful, but
they are temperamental.
They kick balls right and left, and
shrug them off into woods or water.
Bad behavior is forgiven
when we hear the plop
as a putt drops.
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  1. So nice Michelle I love this. And, being a very miserable golfer, can totally :)

    1. I bet you are a pro at noticing the beauty of the course, though.

  2. Nice poem. Although it has been years, I can feel the course.

    1. Thanks, Sabra. I try to enjoy the course no matter how I am playing.