Thursday, September 5, 2013


The topic for Week 5 of the Our Lost Jungle Poetry Form Challenge is Ekphrasis. This happens to be one of my favorite types of poetry.
Ekphrastic poetry is poetry inspired by visual art. I prefer a broader definition that includes any art form, but the task this week is centered on the visual. Khara House challenged us to look outside the picture in putting together this week's work. I tried to think about what could be there, but isn't, as well as what is.
Liquid curtain
shimmering in
the early light.
What do you hide?
Miles of moors
Howling hounds
Terrifying sounds
Waves of ocean
Foghorns blare
Ships taking care
The waterfall
roaring down.
Noise resounds.
A neighborhood
Residents rise
at dawn’s reprise.
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