Thursday, September 26, 2013

Word Gardens

Self Taught
I’ve learned a few lessons
about luck and life.
Sometimes, even wishing
on a star can’t keep
things from turning ugly.
You take a punch or two.
Maybe end up in
residence at a hospital.
Take time to heal.
Other days turn out
sweet as apple cider.
You could be wandering
in the darkest alley and
wind up at the door to
a theater playing your
favorite movie.
When that happens,
walk in and
enjoy the show.
For the 8th challenge of the 2013 Our Lost Jungle Poetry Form Challenge, Khara House asked us to cultivate a word garden then grown a poem from it.
A word garden is simply a collection of words that resonates with the poet. For this challenge, we had to develop our garden quickly. However, this could be an ongoing exercise.
We were asked to collect a minimum of 100 words and put them in a jar or some other container. I took words from random pages I reviewed in books and magazines. I also used a few that I heard in conversation. We then had to draw at least 10 words from the container and write a poem that included all of those words. My 10 words were: luck, cider, ugly, star, alley, theater, residence, punch, movie and lessons.
I have never done an exercise like this before. I do have a list of word combinations that I keep as prompts. Sometimes, the words end up in the poem and sometimes they are just food for thought.
Do you have a word garden?  Have you done exercises in which you are given a list of words to include in a poem?
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  1. Fun exercise! I like what you came up with.

  2. I like that, Michelle. It takes some thinking and imagination to use such random words - good job!

    I have never collected words before but I have (when I'm not too lazy) written words down that I needed to lookup for the meaning. This was a good challenge I think.

    1. Thanks, Debi. I thought it was a good challenge, too. I think I will try to keep adding to the collection and do the exercise regularly.