Thursday, October 24, 2013

Waiting for Words

Waiting for Words
Waiting for words
isn’t like waiting
for a bus.
No designated
places scattered
throughout  the city
where words arrive
on the half hour.
Waiting for words
isn’t like waiting
on tables.
No call
from the kitchen
that the next plate
of words is up.
Waiting for words
isn’t like waiting
in line.
No one giving
out words when you
get to the front.
Waiting for words
is waiting for
 your voice.
Letting it speak
 even when you
 are afraid of
what it will say.
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  1. This is great, Michelle!
    How fantastic would Word Bus lines be?!? Words coming every 30 minutes or so... Just sitting at the stop all day, waiting for the words to come. Especially if there's a Starbucks nearby. ;)

    1. Thanks, Becca. I agree that word buses would be fantastic. I was looking through photos to see what I had showing words. Did not have to go any further when I saw coffee!