Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Holding On

Holding On

Can something last too long?
Remain past the time
it should have been gone?
The leaf that hangs onto the tree
after all others have blown free.
Feelings we keep deep inside
instead of letting them subside.
We think persistence is always good, but
we might be better off if we understood
that sometimes it is necessary to let go.

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  1. Great poem! The truth of it really resonates. Sometimes you just need to say goodbye. Awesome take on the prompt!!

  2. Thanks, Becca, and thanks for this prompt. I see you are on your early schedule today!

  3. I like it, Michelle. I've been thinking along the same lines during the first days of January.

    1. Thanks, Sabra. The norm seems to be to take more on rather than letting go.