Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The One and Only Me and MY Golf Tournament

My cousin Sharon holding 
me, age 7, and my Aunt Lydia

It was typical kid's stuff. One of the older girls in the neighborhood convinced me to ride on the back of her bicycle. She started going faster to scare me. It worked, and as I got more tense, my legs moved in toward the wheels. My right foot got caught in the spokes.

The timing of this injury was bad because my family was going to spend a few days at a cottage in Canada. I would be relegated to sitting on the beach with a plastic bag covering my foot and ankle to keep sand and water out of the wound.

Shortly after I returned from the emergency room, my Uncle John came to talk to me. We lived in the upstairs flat of the house owned by Uncle John and Aunt Lydia.

"How long before you're back on your feet?"

"A couple of weeks."

"The golf course is having a Me and My Tournament. Each player invites someone else to play so the teams are Me and My Son or Me and My Daughter. I wanted my team to be Me and My Niece, but I don't know if you'll be ready. Let me check on the date."

A little while later, I got the good news. The tournament was going to be held later than my uncle thought. I would be ready to play!

When the day came, we set out for the golf course, just the two of us. The Me and My was a putting tournament. We went around the practice putting green twice alternating shots until we completed our 18 holes. The appropriate oohs, ahhs and groans accompanied each attempt.

A couple of days later, my Aunt and Uncle came upstairs and presented me with my first collared golf shirt. We had taken third place.

"What prize did you get?" I asked my Uncle.

His eyebrows went up and his eyes got wide. "Socks,"  he blurted out after a second of hesitation. "Boy," I thought, "I got the good prize."

Years later, my Aunt told me I really threw him off with that question. He didn't expect it so he hadn't prepared an answer. 

I still play golf and play in a few tournaments, mostly scrambles. Nothing can compare with the tournament my Uncle created to give me something to look forward to after I injured my foot-the one and only Me and My Golf Tournament.

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  1. Great story, Michelle! That's a great memory of you and your uncle, despite your injury.

    1. Thanks, Romelle. I do look back on it fondly despite the injury.

  2. Great story of how love in a family lasts.


  3. Michelle,
    Love the story. It went unsaid in your writing, but I think your Uncle got the best prize for spending the time with you at the tournament. Those memories are priceless.

  4. Thanks, Greg. I sure enjoyed spending that time with him.