Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The Passage of Time

The Passage of Time

I hear each
tick of the clock.
See a hand sweep
past the seconds.

Sunshine turns
 to moonlight.
The leaves are
blowin' away.

Will I build
another dream?
Will we walk
together again?

I hear each tick
of the clock,
marking the
passage of time.

Thanks to Sarah Turnbull for this week's Wordsmith Studio Creative Prompt-I Spy. This was kind of a "prompt scavenger hunt."  Click on the link to see the instructions. My prompts were: clock, the line-"we accordingly walked together to the parking lot from" from Hot Money by Dick Francis and the CD "Time and Love" by Laura Nyro. [Note: Since I still listen to music the old fashioned way, I picked up a stack of CDs, shuffled them three times and pulled one out.] 

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  1. I just relax and enjoy your poetry Michelle, so glad we met and share our words.

  2. Thank you, Letty. I so enjoy sharing words with you.