Thursday, August 13, 2015



You are shielded both day and night.
Protected from the falling rain.
The constant pounding that could maim.
The wind that blows with all its might
won't strike you if you just sit tight.
Be patient or you could get hurt.
Be beaten down into the dirt.
Relax and let me be the one
to take the hits so you take none.
Don't worry, you will be all right.

This is one version of a poetic form known as decima. There are 10 eight-syllable lines and the rhyme scheme is: ABBAACCDDC. Thanks to Robert Lee Brewer for discussing this form on his blog, Poetic Asides. Click the link  to read more about decima.

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  1. I do like the rhythm and rhyme to this poem and type of poetry. I must say your photo is perfect.

    1. Thanks, Letty. I like the form. I think it is one I will continue to use.