Thursday, September 24, 2015

Fall Flash

Fall Flash

The trees are
adorned in color
before all their
leaves are lost.
They garner gazes
of admiration then
are stripped of 
They become
skeletons left 
out in the cold.

Do you enjoy the fall foliage? Do you notice how a view changes when the trees lose their leaves?


I'll be at the Topeka Pride Festival this Sunday, Sept. 27. I'm in Booth #36. Stop by and say Hello.


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  1. Hi Michelle,
    I found your blog as part of the WD October Platform Challenge. I have to tell you, that when I saw your name, my mind immediately traveled back in time to an episode of Dr. Who where he meets young Amy Pond who later becomes his travel mate. Sorry, if you're not a Whovian, as I really am not either. I like to think of myself as a part-time Whovian as our kitchen is adjacent to the Who view where my husband and son fervently watch. Anyway, I enjoyed reading your poems, especially Fall does go by in a flash doesn't it. I'm currently making it a point to admire our regal Maple tree in the backyard at least once each day so as not to miss a single phase of its transformation. It's a beauty. So, how are you liking this Platform Challenge?

    I think your poetry that focuses on grief is especially helpful to people. It gives them a way to relate to feelings that they perhaps don't know how to express and/or recognize in themselves. Beautifully written!

    So, in keeping with the poetry theme, I'm choosing to share a post about our homeschooling experience told through an acronym:

    Hope you enjoy taking a small peek into my world as much as I did yours.

    Karen Doll

  2. Thank you, Karen. I'm not a Whovian, but I may try to look up that episode. I took the 2012 Platform Challenge so this one is mostly a review for me. It's interesting to see which practices have become habit and which I abandoned. It may be time to pick some of the latter again. I hope you are enjoying the challenge and thank you for stopping by.