Thursday, December 6, 2012


Nutcrackers are one of my favorite holiday decorations. I don't really know why.
I can't say I inherited my appreciation of them. My mom didn't collect them. She did, however, buy bags of nuts that she shelled and used in a variety of cookies. I remember sitting and watching her when I was young. Of course, when I got old enough, I was handed a nutcracker (the metal kind) and joined in the work.  Maybe I make an association between good times and nutcrackers.
Whatever the reason, I love to look at the displays of nutcrackers during the holiday season. Oh, and naturally, make a purchase every so often.
Some stand tall and
guard the palace.
Some are small enough
to hang on the tree.
They may be soldiers or
athletes or even a celebrity.
No matter how they are
dressed or what their
profession may be,
all the nutcrackers
are enchanting to me. 

What are your favorite holiday decorations? Do you have a special memory associated with them?

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  1. Michelle I love nutcrackers! I only have two, one is a German hunter guy and one is a British Beefeater. They represent my heritage I think. You know what I love? Old grass ornaments from the Czech Republic. Been collecting them for for ever and now the tree just might fall over from the weight! :)

  2. Oh, you have piqued my curiosity with the mention of the ornaments. I'll have to do some research.