Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Tuesday Photo-Seasonal Songs

Thanks to Bolton Carley for this week's Wordsmith Studio Weekly Photo Prompt. Bolton challenged everyone to take a photo inspired by a carol or famous lyric from a holiday song.
As soon as I read this prompt, I thought of the carol "O Christmas Tree". The tree I want to salute is a ceramic one that was made and given to me by a neighbor from my childhood. Helen was an artist in many ways. She was an amazing gardener and a wonderful cook. She could knit and crochet. She also painted china. I remember when she gave one of her ceramic Christmas trees to my mother. Then, one day several years later, she gave the one pictured to me.

It's not too late to join in the fun! Take a picture inspired by a seasonal song and post a link to it in the comments at Wordsmith Studio.

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  1. Nice picture. I recognize that tree! I don't remember who had it, but somewhere in my childhood, someone had the same one! Thanks for stimulating memories in this old brain of mine. :-D

  2. Thanks, Linda. It was a nice trip down memory lane for me, too!