Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Tuesday Photo-Early

When I saw the Wordsmith Studio Photo Prompt-Early, provided by Rebecca Barray; I knew what I had to do. I  got up early to see if I could catch a little color in the sky.
I was successful the first morning I went out. I took a few shots, including the one above, and headed home.
Fortunately for me, I had crossed the street while taking the first set of pictures. When I looked back to the east when I crossed again, I saw

a big, beautiful fireball on the rise.
It's not too late to take your own photo that represents early and post a link to it in the comments on the prompt post.
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  1. Beautiful shots, Michelle. I love to watch the sun rise.

  2. Thanks, Becca. Me, too. Isn't it extraordinary how quickly the colors change?

  3. Very pretty, Michelle. I love the clouds in the first one.

    1. Thanks, Julia. I was very excited when I saw all the clouds that morning!