Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Tuesday Photo-Forgotten

This week's Wordsmith Studio Photo Prompt is Forgotten. Thanks to Rebecca Barray for another great prompt.
I decided to take a walk and see what kinds of things might have been forgotten at the edge of the sidewalks or the side of the road. I saw bottles, cans, cigarette packs and straws.
When I saw an apple core sitting on the sidewalk, I decided I had my subject.  Of all the items I had seen, I was most interested in the story behind this one.
How did this apple core with some edible fruit still on it end up on the sidewalk?  Did a child start to eat, decide he or she had had enough and toss it aside?  Did it slip out of a little hand accidentally and did tears appear as it hit the ground? Was it dropped or knocked out of the hand during the course of play?
What forgotten items are sitting around your house or neighborhood? Take a picture, post it and post the link in the comments on the prompt post.
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  1. Great photo, Michelle! I love the image I get of a small hand grasping, and dropping this apple, with tears welling up in the eyes of a small face. Fantastic!!

  2. Thanks, Becca. I had fun looking for the subject and thinking of some stories to go with it.