Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Tuesday Photo-The Moon


This week's Wordsmith Studio Photo Prompt is The Moon. This is a picture of the full moon a couple of nights ago.

Since I have become tuned into the moon for the purposes of poetry and photography, I have been surprised at how often it is visible. I see it on early morning walks, and I remember seeing it at noon once.

When I see it in the morning, I like to play a little and position it atop houses, trees or power lines.

Of course, I also have my classic horror movie opening shot.
Are you inspired by the moon? Thanks to Rebecca Barray for this prompt. Take your own picture of the moon and put a link to it at Wordsmith Studio.
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  1. Great photos!! The sky, with all its inhabitants, is my favorite inspiration!

    1. Thanks, Becca. It is amazing what you will see if you just spend a little time looking up everyday.