Thursday, July 25, 2013

Writing Out Grief

Writing Out Grief
I face the page.
It represents the way
I feel as is-empty.
Yet, I need to share
words, to talk about
you, about my day,
about the way your
loss has changed me.
I must say what I want
 to say in my own way.
I need to write out
the grief even though
that will not make
it go away.
Writing is a useful tool in the grieving process. Why?
  • Grievers need to tell their stories and writing is one way to do that. 
  • Everyone's grief is unique and so is everyone's voice. No one can tell your story like you can.
  • You can be honest in a way you can't in talking to someone else.
  • Write to remember (memories) and not to forget (what is happening at the moment).
  • Write to think things through.
What could you write?
  • A word or two-perhaps the same words repeated.
  • Phrases or sentences-again, these may be repeated.
  • Meditations or affirmations.
  • Prayers
  • Letters-to your lost loved one, to God, even to yourself.
  • Journal Entries-Even these don't necessarily have to be long. Take a look at the book A Grief Observed by C.S. Lewis. His journal entries varied in length.
How do you start writing?
  • Start writing by writing-put words down on paper or screen.
  • Write whatever comes to mind.
  • Turn off your inner editor or critic. There is no right or wrong about your writing and no one will be grading it.
  • Say what you need to say.
Have you ever written out your grief? Did you find it helpful?
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