Tuesday, July 1, 2014

One Day Only

One Day Only

The bloom lasts
for one day.
Will it have
time in the sun
or weather
a storm?
Will it feel
that are balmy
 or blistering?
Will it hold bees
and butterflies or
face dogs and deer?
Will it catch 
the eye of passersby
or spend hours
in anonymity?
No matter
what awaits,
the bloom opens
and lasts for one day.

How often do you look at the flowers in your garden?

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  1. I don't look enough. Lovely photo, Michelle. My daylilies are blooming, too. I often call them ditch lilies because I see so many of the orange ones in fields and ditches when I drive to the country.

  2. Thanks, Sabra. I have some orange ones, too.